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Brick+Palm® is a boutique architecture + interior design studio specializing in (relatively) affordable and sustainable residential and dental office design. Based in Brooklyn, NY but servicing anywhere.

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If you’re thinking, “residential and dental offices is a pretty random combination”, hear me out. Many of us are multi-hyphenates if we think about it – athlete/actor, lawyer/innkeeper, nutritionist/mom, etc. It just so happens that I am an architect/dentist who is both an aesthetically motivated homebody and someone who wants to shift the perception of dentistry one office at a time.

My approach to design and sustainability is aligned with the oath to patient care – first, do no harm. I focus on keeping the best parts of a space (character beats perfection any day), efficient layouts, and bringing in materials that are good for the planet and healthy for the people who inhabit it.


At every opportunity, I love to support local, Black-owned, and female-powered businesses.

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I strongly believe that how and where we spend our money matters. Sustainability can be considered in multiple ways and is a balance among the environment, the economy, and equity. The UN Brundtland Commission states something is sustainable if it “…meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” At Brick+Palm, searches for materials and trades people always begin locally - ideally finding Black and woman-owned local businesses that are considerate of the environmental and human impacts of their sources. Of course, finding a unicorn supplier within budgets is not always possible, so I prioritize minimizing the introduction of harmful chemicals into your space and the arm of sustainability that is most important to the client.



"Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye."

- Dorothy Parker

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